Steel Door Fabrication and Care Details


Steel doors contain a foam inner layer and a steel shell. Steel has a lower carbon content than iron and will necessitate a lower casting temperature. This makes steel a more cost-effective metal. Consider the structural steel fabrication processes that a residential door may undergo and select some custom features for your new steel entryway door.

Foam and Steel Prep Steps

A foam layer is often sized to match the measurements that most residential and commercial doors possess. A steel door does not have to be a typical size, however. A garage door or another door that will be used to seal off a tall and wide entryway may also be constructed of foam and steel.

The steel fabrication process involves mixing a batch of steel and baking the components in a heating vessel. Steel is resilient to a wide range of weather variables. Because of the weight of steel, the metal is typically only used as the outer shell of a door. If solid steel were used to produce residential and commercial doors, the extreme weight of a door could tear the door off of its hinges.

Custom Components

Steel is typically used with other materials. A steel door could be designed entirely with a steel outer shell, but it is fairly common to have glass inlays or trim pieces added to a steel product. Because a steel door would be difficult to cut through, it is important to plan upon the types of features that a custom door will possess.

During the fabrication process, a manufacturing crew will use machining strategies to create holes, cutouts, notches, and other details on both sides of a door. Materials that will be added to steel may require the use of hardware or a soldering process, to provide a door with its functional and design elements.

Care Techniques

A steel door should be installed by a technician who has experience working with this type of metal. Steel can become scratched, if sharp tools are used to secure a door to its hinges. After a door is hung properly, it will require infrequent cleaning sessions. The inside of the door will maintain its beauty, due to the color of the steel. The exterior side of a door may occasionally need to be wiped off with a cleaning agent and a sponge or a cloth. Moisture can corrode untreated steel. A manufacturer may use a sealant to preserve new doors.


16 March 2022

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