5 Factors To Consider When Designing A Part For Aluminum Die Casting


Aluminum allows for the creation of lightweight and durable parts. Additionally, aluminum has a lot of excellent properties, such as the ability to resist corrosion, retain stability in harsh environments, and provide electrical and thermal conductivity. All of these traits make aluminum a great product for creating unique parts.

When it comes to creating parts, aluminum die casting is an excellent production method as it allows for reduced manufacturing costs while also providing for a high-quality finished product. When creating a product for die casting, it is crucial to understand the limitations and advantages that come with this particular manufacturing method. You need to be aware of the essential parts of any aluminum die casting item.


If you need to create any windows or openings in your die cast item, you will need to add holes to the molding. This is because any opening that you create will grip onto the die-cast itself. Adding small holes to any openings will help to ensure that these features don't stick too hard to the die-cast itself. You will need the correct drafts for any openings to function correctly.


If you are creating a part that you need to be strong, you will want to add ribs to the design. Ribs will help increase the strength of the walls in your design but will not add to the thickness. They are essential if you need to build a stronger part.


A boss is a part that will allow you to mount additional parts later onto the die-cast part. When you add bosses to your design, you will want to ensure that you stick to one type of thickness for all of them. Sticking to the same thickness for all the bosses will help increase the overall integrity of these critical mounting points.


With an aluminum part, you will want to ensure where any two sides meet together, they are not too sharp and will not cause damage. A fillet will create a curved juncture so that you don't have to deal with sharp edges and corners in your design if you want to eliminate them.


When creating a die casting project, you need to ensure that you can get it out of the cast. This is achieved through drafts, which are the slopes that are added to the die cavity and allow for the casting to be easily removed from the die and allow for your product to be removed without getting damaged. It is essential to design the proper draft on your part so that it can be removed from the cast without damaging the quality of the product.

When designing a die-cast aluminum part, it is crucial to understand how the die casting process works and how to use the various design features of this manufacturing method to create the most high-quality product. Contact a local aluminum die casting service, such as  American Die Casting, Inc., to learn more tips.


6 October 2021

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