PCB Shipping Protocol That Can Prevent Damage


If you're having printed circuit boards shipped out to your location, you want to make sure shipping is done carefully so that you're not dealing with a bunch of broken electrical components. These steps can help you ensure PCB shipping is refined and fully managed. 

Include a Bunch of Foam Inside Packaging 

There are several key materials used in PCB shipping, and one of the most influential is foam. It's this material that will keep the printed circuit boards from moving around. Instead, they'll be snug inside the foam materials. 

You want to verify the PCB shipper includes foam in their packaging materials. Also, ensure they use enough to where this electrical component doesn't have any room to shift. It needs to remain where it's positioned inside the packaging the entire time during transportation. Then even if there are bumps or the packaging hits something else, the printed circuit board will be just fine. 

Make Sure PCBs Have Appropriate Labeling 

There may be one or a couple of shipping companies that are involved in dropping off printed circuit boards that you order. So that they all know what's inside your packaging and can thus take the right precautions, make sure your printed circuit boards are properly labeled.

If you work with a PCB manufacturer directly, they should already know about this labeling protocol. Whereas if you work with a third-party seller, you need to make sure they label the packaging correctly so that the shipping company that handles it knows to be extra cautious and use certain shipping procedures.

Select Multiple Boxes

If you really want to ensure your printed circuit boards don't get damaged by the shipping company that handles them, then consider using more than one shipping box. Then these electrical components will have multiple layers of protection, which reduces the likelihood of damage. 

You just need to make sure you choose the right box sizes so that you can get a proper fit. It also helps to choose boxes that have the right insulation properties as you don't want printed circuit boards ever having the chance to get exposed to extreme temperatures and weather elements.

In order to make the most out of a printed circuit board investment, you need to see to it that shipping is structured carefully so that damage isn't something you have to deal with regularly. Special materials and techniques will go a long way. 


10 May 2021

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