What Can Happen When You Fail To Keep Your Store Clutter-Free


Being a small business owner is a lot of work. This statement is only intensified when you're the owner of a convenience store or small market. With a seemingly endless flow of customers, a space like this can quickly get out of hand and look like a small tornado come through. Don't let this happen to your business. Not only does it make your space look bad and unprofessional, it can introduce many other negative effects.

Inventory Issues

When your store is a chaotic scene, it can be a lot harder to stay on top of your inventory. While many stores rely on electric systems to monitor inventory needs, they still rely on a physical inspection as an added measure to ensure their electronic system is accurate.

When half of the bread inventory is spread all over the store, this can be a problem. The result is that you could either fail to order an item you actually need, affecting your sales or you could over order, affecting your operating costs.

Theft Risk

A disorganized space can also increase your risk for theft. As you know, theft on a large scale, such as stealing cash from the register is just as problematic as someone stealing candy bars from your display; stolen inventory or cash both equal a loss. Use the previously mentioned candy display as an example.

If similar candies are in an organized space, it's easier to tell if several items are missing. If you know you haven't sold that particular type of candy, you can clearly tell that someone has stolen them. Even something as simple as investing in candy boxes to keep your selections separate can help in this area. For more information on candy boxes and other display items, check with companies like Northwest Paper Box MFRS INC.

Pest Control

Not keeping your store organized can also increase the potential for pest control concerns. If you have a store that primarily focuses on food items, pests will automatically be attracted to the place. If it is disorganized and full of clutter, this is an additional problem. Pests love spaces like this because it gives them plenty of room to hide and take shelter.

Additionally, there is more likely to be crumb or two around that they can eat. When you keep the space clean and clutter-free there are fewer hiding places and less for them to eat, discouraging them from invading.

Make sure you take measures to keep your store organized so that you can avoid these and other negative issues that come along with clutter.


9 April 2017

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